What Is Civil Work Tender Documents And Tender



The Tender is a written offering submitted by a Contractor in pursuance of the notification by a concerned department. The Documents which are to be submitted by the contractor is supplied by the department to the eligible contractors on payment of usual cost. The Tender Form is to be duly filled in and submitted in the Tender Box with locking arrangements in the room of the officer inviting the Tender in closed and sealed cover within or on the Date and Hours of submission of the Tender specified in the N.I.T.


The various Terms and Conditions which are to be formulated while inviting a Tender for a Civil Works are as follows :-
  • A Notice Inviting Tender (N.I.T.) in the standard approved format of a Department.
  • A Tender Form with standard Conditions of Contract.
  • Quantity of Works which are to be done and Materials, Tools and Plants (T & P) which are to be supplied by the Department if any.
  • Terms & Conditions.
  • Complete Specification of the Work.
  • Special Specifications and Additional Terms and Conditions.
  • One Set of complete approved Drawing of the work to be done.
The Contractor must sign each pages of the Tender Documents and necessary entries are made and a Forwarding Letter on the Letter Head of the Company Of the Contractor along with Bank Draft or any other form of Earnest Money are to be put inside a sealed and closed cover superscribing the Name of the Work and the Name of the Contractor.

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