Civil Engineering Interview Questions Top 10

The Top 10 Civil Engineering Questions You are definitely going to face in an interview for sure are as follows :-

Civil Engineering Interview Question

1) What is Water-Cement Ratio and How it is related to the strength of concrete

2) What is Curing and Why it is necessary, What is the minimum curing period

3) What Do You Understand by M25 Concrete

4) What are the weights of 16mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 8mm Dia. Bars.

5) What are the minimum Propping Period of Beams and Slabs of various Spans.

6) How and Why Cube Test and Slump Test are done.
7) What are the advantages of Prestressed Concrete over R.C.C.

8) Quantity of materials required for different works

9) What is the Minimum Water required for Hydration of Cement

10) Why Structures are Reinforced and with steel in Civil Engineering

If someone can answer all of these then He/She can crack the Technical Part of almost 70% of Interview cases. Do not share this with any one these Questions are simple yet secret, I’ve kept these questions visible only for about 7 Days, after that I will remove this post, typically everyone ignores these Basic Questions.

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