Shear Force And Bending Moment Diagram For Simply Supported Beam

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Simply Supported Beam With Point Load At It's Mid Span

Here Below the Step by Step Procedure to draw Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram of a Simply Supported Beam with a Point Load at Mid Span is Given :
Step 1 :- Calculation Of Reaction ==>

RA + RB – W = 0 or RA + RB = W or RA + RB = 10KN …….(i)
+(RA*5) –(10*2.5) +(RB*0) = 0   or   +(RA*5) –(10*2.5) = 0  or  (RA*5) = (10*2.5) or RA = (10*2.5)/5
or RA = 25/5  or RA=5KN
Now putting the Value of RA in the equation(i) we get,
5 + RB = 10 or RB = 10-5 or RB=5KN
Therefore, RA=5 KN  and  RB=5KN

Step 2 :- Shear Force Calculation ==>

Shear Force at Point A(L) = 0KN

Shear Force at Point A(R) = 0+5 = 5KN
Shear Force at Point C(L) = 5KN
Shear Force at Point C(R) = 5-10 = -5KN
Shear Force at Point B(L) = -5KN
Shear Force at Point B(R) = -5+5 = 0KN
Step 3 :- Bending Moment Calculation ==>
Bending Moment about Point A = 0KN-m
Bending Moment about Point B = +(5*2.5) = 12.5KN-m
Bending Moment about Point A = +(5*5) –(10*2.5) = 25-25 = 0KN-m

Now Plot these Value in Paper in for making the required Diagram, to some suitable scale. It will look like the Below One.

Shear Force And Bending Moment Diagram

Fill up the Diagram area with Hatch, I couldn’t give it due to Photoshop Problem.

For Details Of Reaction Calculation Concept Go To Link Below
Reaction Calculation Guide For Simply Supported Beam with Point Load

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