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First of all wish all of Civil Engineering Professionals and Students a Very Very Happy Holi the festival of colours. It has been long since my last post, and I feel really sorry for my fellow readers who were regular during the past few months. I am really sorry guys, it is due to the extreme work pressure I’m going through in my job, I hope you understand it well.

Okay fine, it is better to start afresh from where I left, first of all I will finish the incomplete post of getting the Government Jobs Tricks at 2016. Then I’m up for new challenges and posts every alternative day guaranteed, more ever I’m planning for two new things which are going to be a blessing for the budding Civil Engineers, and also to the Engineers working in the field.

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My Plans on Civil Engineering :-

  • First of all I’m going to start a new section in Youtube, where I will be posting videos showing the Tutorials on Drafting and Structural Designing Software
  • In that very Youtube page I’ll be also guiding you guys specially to the students about various topics of Civil Engineering by means of Video Lectures, Like Designing Surveying, Construction Estimate etc. that is Online Civil Engineering Video Tutorials

The very reason behind this is that, I know in most of the class rooms the lecturers are much more eager to finish the syllabus off than trying to make the students understand about the concepts into the deep. The results due to this are that the students are passing the exams with good percentile but not acquiring the knowledge and concepts required by an Engineer in the filed, as in the real field each and every day, situation will arise where you have to apply the concepts from the root to tackle the situation in a righteous manner, which solutions cannot be obtain by solving some few class problems.

They are to be solved by applying the Engineering Skills, and I also understand that most of the students are ignorant to learn just because they think that others will laugh on them as they cannot understand the topics clearly and others can. So from the new month of May or Mid of April I’ll teach you how to spark up the light resting within you, and I promise you will be able to compete with others in the field much much more confidently.

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