Introduction To Online Civil Engineering

Online Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering deals with static structure. The main objective of Civil Engineering is to make Safe, Economical Structures, by Analytical Distribution of Load. There are various mammoth structures which now a days are made possible with the new technology and Analysis with automation without much difficulty. The most important part in this generation of development is in the media, where information we exchange with, and Internet is the absolute necessary in today’s life to get connected with newer views and findings. We already know about the power of Internet and how it has been now possible to do work from the desk from one location to another location virtually. Now a days it’s possible to repair a Computer to some extent online, to suggest medicines by a doctor to a patient, to Teach from around the world and in the all other fields. But still most of the people doesn’t know that the same is applicable for the field of Civil Engineering Also.
Here the Concept of Online Civil Engineering Arrives. Let me explain, Civil Engineering is a vast field and deals with Planning, Designing, and Execution in short. Here only the Execution of a work is to be done directly on the project site, and others are Desk jobs. But before the execution for a work can be done, it needs big processes to come upto the point of starting of the execution, that means Planning and Designing. The Following Jobs are the Desk based jobs partially or fully, for which you don’t need to be appear in the site physically, they are :-

  1. Planning
  2. Estimating and Costing.
  3. Designing
  4. Valuation
  5. Accounts

Online Civil Engineering Consultancy :-

We all know what is Civil Engineering Consultancy is, but in India specially it’s so much manual. A Civil Engineering Consultancy Firm can launch there Consultancy services Online and may get more and more consignments to do.
It will flourish them and as well as it will ease the process of doing the job. And from customers or Parties point of view, A party may get competitive rates for the same job to be done, and hence can get the best deal. The best part is, in Online Civil Engineering the Location will never become the barrier. suppose a Party in New York City will contact with someone with Drawings for preparing an Estimate in the same city that is in the New York, and suppose He has to pay $500 to the Estimator.
But in case of Online Civil Engineering Services, the same person can contact to a Online Civil Engineering Consultancy Firm in India through Internet and send his Drawings over to them, and suppose the Consultancy Firm in India is offering a Deal at $450, that means here the Party saves $50 and also the Consultancy Firm got a Consignment from different Country, which was not Possible if there was not the Online Civil Engineering. There is a Huge Scope in this field as it’s a new Concept.
There are more of them than listed above  for which you may not need to appear physically in the site, or you only require a single visit. This Jobs Can be done at Home or Office in front of a Computer and the same can be given via Internet to the concerned authority or the Party on Demand. This will speed up the progress and save so much of valuable time for the work and will ease the Engineer to discharge there duties properly.
For a Multi National Company (MNC)  in the field of Construction a General Construction Company , there are several units working for a specific type analysis and output for a work, and they may be located at different points withing a city or at far away, it may become tedious job to link them all and synchronize, but with the Help of Online Civil Engineering it may not be a problem of concern.

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