Disputes And Solutions In Civil Engineering Works

In any Civil Engineering Project while executing the same, various types of Disputes arises among the parties, and if those are not solved timely then it will hamper the work as well as will cause financial losses to the department. Thus it’s very essential to have a sound knowledge about all the probable disputes and there timely solutions. I’ve arranged some of the important disputes and there solutions according to the stage of the works progress.

The various types of Disputes which arises during the execution of a Civil Engineering Project are as follows :-

  • The Dispute arises at the very beginning of the work execution, that is whether there is a Contract at all between the parties or not?

Solution : The decision of accepting a Tender should not be delayed or kept pending for a long time.

  • The work site is not available for the execution of work

Solution : The work site should be made available as soon as the Tender is accepted and the Work Order is issued.

  • The Drawing of the work to be done is not available.

Solution : The Drawing of the work should be made available as soon as the work is to be taken out.

  • Special Specifications are not clarified

Solution : If there are some special specification which are to be engaged then the same should be included along with the departmental standard specification.

  • No confirmative between schedule and drawing, extra item originate

Solution : Confirmative should always be maintained, and decission for extra work must be given timely.

  • Delay in the fixation of Rate of extra item

Solution : Before taking up any extra work the Rate should be fixed for those, whose Rates are are not provided on the schedule

  • Decission¬†awited causing delay and slow progress of the work.

Solution : Immediate reply should be given to the Contractor awaiting decission.

  • Delay in the issue of the Departmental Materials

Solution : Materials should be issued timely as soon as the indent is placed after necessary checking is done

  • Recovery of the excess consumption of the Departmental Materials.

Solution : Recovery should be made as per the Terms of Contract

  • There are major variations in the Bill of Quantities

Solution : The Estimate of the Project should not be done Hurriedly.

  • Reduced Rate for the Defective Works

Solution : The Reduced Rate for the Defective Works are to be supported by proper Rate Analysis of the same.

  • To Terminate or to Suspend a Contract imposing High Penalty or Compensation.

Solution : A Notice should be served to the Contractor so that He can Defend Himself.

  • Work cannot be completed with the Completion Period.

Solution : The Completion Period must be such fixed that it allows reasonable Time so that The Work can be Completed within that Time Period.

  • Difficulties while Handing Over the work

Solutions : After the Completion Certificate is recorded, a Notice is to be served for the Handing Over the Work to the Department.

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